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 Our Boats

Klotok or traditional wooden boat is as one of transportation in Kalimantan and in Tanjung Puting, we have designed it for tourist. And on the boat we have crews, they are as Tour Guide, Captain, assistant captain and cook and they are friendly and helpfull. Maybe you are curious, why we called “klotok”. We call “klotok” because the sound of engine the “klotok” is like a “tok..tok…tok…”
Sleeping on the boat during your trip in Tanjung Puting is the best way and you will get wonderfull experiences sleeping at the open air and hearing the jungle music, and also you can saving your money than sleep in the Lodge.

We have 4 boats : An Nur, Oto, Princess Kumai and Prince Kumai
Description of our klotok / boat :
1. An Nur and OTO are our standart boat :This is traditional wooden boat, made at 15,5 meter long and 2,5-3 meter wide and can accomodate 4 to 6 person and sleep on the upper deck
2. Princess Kumai and Prince Kumai are our economy premium boat : Made at 18 meter and 3,8 meter wide, have 1 cabin with fan and on the upper deck can accomodate 7 person, sleep on upper deck
Devide into 4 part :
Upper Deck : Designed for relaxing area, where you can observe the wildlife along the river, and this is also we using for dining room and sleeping area
Inside deck : only for crew
Back side : Simple Toilet with western style.
The other part is enggine and kitchen room.
Sleeping management
We provide spring bed, pillow, mosquitho, blanket and towel
Western style toilet including toilet paper, but most of boat doesn’t have a splash. And toilet is located on the back on the boat. Our boat providing the clean water for shower, washing and cooking.

Our guides

Julindra Dede Mambat

Nick name : Dede Guide ID : Language : English Handling Specialization : FIT and GIT/ Group Inclusive Tour (small, medium, big)

Zainur Rosi

Zainur Rosi


Nick name : Zainur Rosi Guide ID : Language : English Handling Specialization : GIT/ Group Inclusive Tour (small, medium, big)

Faisal Tanjung

Nick name : Faisal Guide ID : Language : English Handling Specialization : GIT/ Group Inclusive Tour (small, medium)




Nick name : Fitria Guide ID : Language : English Handling Specialization : GIT/ Group Inclusive Tour (small, medium)

Our Responsibility

We have a commitment to Sustaining the Rainforest, Save the Water and Environment.To develop environmental awareness and educate our employees, local suppliers and clients.

To reduce the environmental impact of the activities of both ourselves and our clients by conserving energy, limiting pollution and encouraging understanding and respect for the customs and cultures of local people and their wildlife.

Using local guide and local owned transportation and accomodation. And also we helping the local people to promote the use and purchase of local products and facilities so that the immediate economy will benefit from our business.
Supporting organizations concerned for the environment and indigenous people such as Conservation and EcoTourism Concern.

When you make a reservation the tour package with us,you are the one who will plant a tree, to help the re-forestation and protect the earth from the global warmings. You and we are the one who care about the future of this earth and next generations.