Tailor Made Tour & Special Event

Tailor Made Tour

Let’s Design Your Own Tour, Based on Your Particular Interests and Schedule.

Please let us know what kind of experience or special interest you are looking for! We can design your trip together and for your particular interest from culture, ecology and specialist wildlife.

Or you can also choose from our existing itineraries or let us design your own adventure tour. Combine jungle house boating, adventures, camping, jungle trekking and include stay in longhouses, visits to traditional village, and traditional life style.

Or you can combine your orangutan tour with Yogyakarta trip, Bromo and Ijen, Lombok, Komodo, Sulawesi, Papua and other part in Indonesia.


Special Events features annual or one off unique events in the destination where our boat are located.

An example of this is the annual Marunting Batu Aji Festival held in Pangkalan Bun is an energetic and colourful traditional sports gala, featuring competitions between local government areas in Kotawaringin Barat Regency. 

Beside Marunting Batu Aji Festival, also we have Babukung Festival held in Lamandau Regency, Isen Mulang Festival held in Palangka Raya and Tanjung Puting Festival held in Pangkalan Bun.